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yan jianguo: managers should set an example and make everyone do it

time: 2020-06-19 09:58:32  source: china overseas holdings limited
managers must lead by example and make everyone walk
chairman of china overseas group corporation yan jianguo

blast knowing the strength of the grass, the times make heroes. what kind of manager can lead the team to overcome difficulties and achieve the mission? as the pressure on economic growth continues to increase, the industry enters the stage of stock competition, and the "black swan" is flying frequently, this issue is important and urgent.

under the difficult situation caused by the epidemic, who is vying for the day and the mission? who just stays on the slogan? as a result, it is the most intuitive criterion. happy people are always similar, and unfortunate people have their own misfortunes. those who fail to meet the standards have a thousand reasons why they cannot meet the standards; those who conquer the top of the hill always have the same success factors.

the core elements of these success factors must be related to the leadership of managers. the results of mckinsey's research show that the core leadership elements include problem solving, result orientation, seeking dissent and achieving others. in the classic management textbook "leadership" co-authored by james kuzes and barry posner, outstanding leadership is broken down into five: lead by example, share vision, challenge the status quo, make everyone walk, and inspire people. a successful manager is someone who can continue to practice these five behaviors.

at present, in the face of the severe situation and special difficulties caused by the to show leadership in the two practices of "practice for all", it is necessary to lead by example and take the initiative, but also to build trust within the team, gather strength, and move forward courageously towards a common goal.

leading by example is the cornerstone of leadership. the leader of a team, his body is upright, he does not order; his body is not upright, although he does not follow the order. leading by example is first embodied in the values ​​of the leader, and embodied in the alignment of the leader’s own actions with the common values ​​of the organization, setting an example for others. the manager's words and deeds are seen and remembered by the employees. both the positive and the negative will have an effect. only by setting an example, self-discipline, and setting an example can managers truly build leadership and lead the team to victory.

leading by example, we emphasize that managers must be aware of problems. under the epidemic situation, economic uncertainty has increased significantly. the responsibility of managers at all levels is to effectively manage uncertainty. they must be more concerned, and they must calmly and objectively analyze the uncertain external situation. seek confirmation in confirmation. "worrying" is a positive psychological activity that can broaden people's thinking, help us to insight into risks in various situations, take actions to avoid risks, and seize valuable opportunities with more active actions. worrying people have endless work to do. they not only have to solve the current problems, they must guard against the risks before they happen, but they also have to store more food for the winter.

leading by example, we emphasize that managers at all levels should set an example and solve problems. if you ask others to do it, you must do it first. in the face of the impact of the epidemic, the group requires units at all levels to resume work and production with a mental state of seizing the day, speed up the pace of production and operation, and strive to regain the lost time. managers at all levels should take the initiative to act more actively and effectively, speed up the decision-making process, take the initiative to communicate across levels and functions, take the initiative for the front line, work with the front line to overcome difficulties, and accelerate the advancement of the front line business to remove obstacles with perseverance. pay close attention to implementation, and effectively solve the pain points and difficult problems. during the special period of the epidemic, managers at all levels should work overtime if they need to work overtime, and go to the front line to check the implementation and cheer. managers at all levels take the lead to get nervous and take action. those who follow a step-by-step, unhurried, "paced" way will feel ashamed, and then consciously join the struggling team.

make everyone walk is the core dimension to show the high level of leadership. realizing the dream depends on the joint efforts of the team. the team members are twisted into a rope. managers at all levels are the one who twists the rope. let each member of the team participate in the action of overcoming difficulties and achieving goals, and letting each member have a sense of ownership is the key to success.

make everyone walk, managers must be good at achieving others, we emphasize that managers at all levels in team management we must "focus on those who struggle, and let those who do have the power". the beauty of a gentleman is not an evil. managers at all levels should give strong support to their subordinates, lead them to break through difficulties, and let them feel the support and strength of the leadership. for those teams and employees who are full of passion, dare to act, and take responsibility, we must be their strong backing, so that those who have the ability to be powerful; for those teams and employees with outstanding ability, outstanding performance, and pioneering spirit, give them greater deeds. space. we must be good at selecting outstanding talents, cultivating potential talents, and weeding out unqualified people. we must create an atmosphere and create a reality of corporate management, let down the cadres and employees who do not want to do, do not want to do, and do not dare to do; let work hard and proactively do , cadres and employees who dare to do things go up.

to make everyone walk, we emphasize that managers at all levels should seek dissent and innovate management in their daily work. empower employees at all levels and stimulate the combat effectiveness of the team. managers at all levels must be willing and good at listening to different opinions, willing to explore the essence of the problem from the dissent, brainstorming, and optimizing the best solution. managers at all levels should formulate rewards, punishments and incentive mechanisms suitable for their respective teams in accordance with the group's institutional framework, adhere to the principles of openness, fairness, and justice, and rewards for merits and penalties for those who fail. for phased results and important special work, we must increase the drying effort, and continue to improve the team and each employee's ability by establishing advanced models, publicizing and implementing successful cases, and reviewing the lessons of failure.

the group is fully implementing differentiated authorization. the main purpose of the facing a complex and changeable market environment, there is more room for flexible disposal, rapid decision-making, and timely resolution of problems. units at all levels rely on their own capabilities to obtain authorization. whoever has strong management capabilities will get more authorizations. managers at all levels must know how to empower others, contribute to the organization, and achieve themselves. they must refer to the idea of ​​differentiated authorization to effectively manage relevant departments and employees, trust and authorize those professional, dedicated, and courageous employees, and at the same time provide guidance, support and service work, pay close attention to work progress, correct deviations in time, let them move forward courageously, realize their own value, and achieve organizational goals.

forge ahead every day, strive to be first-class and start again. the epidemic has not yet ended, the economy is down, and the industry’s turning point is approaching. however, god pays for the diligence. managers at all levels should unite knowledge and action, know difficulties and self-reliance, and lead all colleagues in china shipping to attack the hill and achieve their mission!