yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc, meets with chen zhichang, mayor of huai'an city and his party | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc, meets with chen zhichang, mayor of huai'an city and his party

time: 2020-07-03 09:31:43  source: china overseas holdings limited

on the afternoon of july 1, yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, met with the mayor of huai’an city, chen zhichang and a group of 7 people in shenzhen zhonghai building. vice mayor of huai'an city zhao quan, secretary-general of the municipal government wang sujun, huai'an city development and reform commission, bureau of natural resources and planning, industrial parks and related personnel in shenzhen office, vice chairman of the board of directors of china shipping development, chairman of the board of directors of china shipping hongyang zhuang yong, china shipping hong yang lin, chief executive officer of foreign affairs, attended the meeting.

at the exchange meeting, the corporate video of china shipping group was first played. yan dong extended a warm welcome to the visit of mayor chen and his delegation, and introduced the overall operation of china shipping group and the investment and construction of china shipping property under the group in jiangsu province. yan dong said that huai'an is the hometown of premier zhou and it is also a famous historical and cultural city with obvious geographical advantages, huge development potential and abundant human resources. in recent years, the group has been continuously increasing its investment in jiangsu province, paying great attention to the economic development of huai’an market, especially the construction of “one axis, one belt, three circles” in huai’an high-speed railway new area, and hopes to seek cooperation and development opportunities in the future to further deepen the group business layout in jiangsu and huai'an.

mayor chen introduced in detail the historical, cultural, geographical environment, and economic development of huai’an. as well as the overview of urban planning and development, it further pointed out: huai'an will always implement the important instructions of general secretary xi jinping to "build the hometown of premier zhou well", and in the future will become an important central city in northern jiangsu that is ecologically livable and industrially supported. mayor chen spoke highly of china shipping group’s sentiments as a central enterprise rooted in hong kong and prospering the motherland, fully affirmed china shipping’s business strength and industrial operation capabilities as a first-class real estate development and operation group, and enthusiastically invited china shipping to participate in the urban development and construction of huai’an, especially the development of the new high-speed rail area. construction, with china shipping’s professional development and operation capabilities as a benchmark for urban development in huai’an, enhancing the city’s image, and achieving win-win cooperation.

zhuang yong introduced the development ideas and vision goals of the intended cooperation projects between the two parties, and discussed china shipping future development opportunities in huai'an city, and expressed that with the strong support of the municipal government, the company will definitely exert its own development and operation capabilities, integrate the industrial introduction capabilities of ecological partners, and contribute to the development of huai'an.

at the exchange meeting, relevant leaders of huai’an development and reform commission, natural resources and planning bureau, and industrial park speaking successively, exchanged and discussed the project development and business expansion of china overseas in huai'an.

china shipping development comprehensive management department, beijing xincheng company, zhonghai hongyang yangzhou company participate in activities.