yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, calls on chen xiaoping, vice governor of jiangxi province | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, calls on chen xiaoping, vice governor of jiangxi province

time:2020-06-08 14:02:13source: china overseas holdings limited

on june 9, yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, called on chen xiaoping, vice governor of jiangxi province. the two sides had in-depth exchanges on jiangxi's economic development, cnooc's investment and development in jiangxi, and jiujiang zhonghai lushan xihai project.

yan jianguo expressed his gratitude to the jiangxi provincial government for its long-term care and support for china shipping group, and briefly introduced the basic situation of china shipping group and its subordinate business sectors. he said that cnooc real estate, a subsidiary of cnooc group, has settled in nanchang, ganzhou and jiujiang, and has developed more than 20 projects in the past 10 years, with a total investment of 24.6 billion yuan; china construction international investment jiangxi co., ltd. has invested more than hk $11 billion in business fields such as big infrastructure and pan real estate. yan jianguo also focused on the development of jiujiang zhonghai lushan xihai project, hoping that the jiangxi provincial government can give greater support to develop the project well and help jiangxi develop with high quality.

chen xiaoping welcomed yan and his party and fully affirmed the contribution of cnooc group to jiangxi's economic development. he said that jiangxi is open and inclusive. it is in a period of rapid economic development and is a hot spot for investment. he welcomed cnooc group to invest in jiangxi. the provincial government has always been particularly concerned about the development of lushan xihai and hopes to work together to solve the challenges encountered in the development of the project.

qiu xiangjun, deputy secretary general of jiangxi provincial government, zhang shengze, director of jiangxi provincial department of natural resources, xiao zhifei, director of general office of jiangxi provincial government, chen jitian, secretary of management committee of lushan xihai scenic spot, zheng qinghua, director of management committee, yang lin, ceo of china shipping hongyang, relevant responsible persons of ganzhou company and nanchang company attended the meeting.