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cnooc held a series of activities on the company's day

time:2020-06-08 19:07:11source: china overseas holdings limited

forge ahead wholeheartedly and lead the tide. on the occasion of the celebration day, china shipping group and listed companies held a series of activities such as employee networking, customer care, gratitude and feedback, and social responsibility to celebrate the company's birthday together.

group headquarters

the employees from the headquarters of china shipping group went to the top of victoria peak in hong kong to climb high and look far, relax, commemorate the company’s birthday, and walk forward together.

everyone is free to form a team, in twos and threes, and walk enthusiastically along the circular walking trail to feel the natural scenery. holding this event not only encourages everyone to keep fit and work hard during the epidemic, but also reflects that china shipping and hong kong are on the same path through storms and hardships, and jointly create a beautiful and happy future.

china overseas development
on the annual china shipping division day, china shipping real estate and have cross-border cooperation, bringing eightfold benefits, millions of subsidies, thousands of marriott gifts, and giving back to owners who support china shipping buy a good house with customers and the whole people.
on the occasion of siqing day, china overseas land & investment launched special training and knowledge contests on leading culture and the new version of the ci manual throughout the country, and promoted the leading the image poster of the tide culture makes zhonghai culture internalized in the heart and externalized in the shape.
chongqing zhonghai held a june 1 family day event with the theme of "hao hao you yu you child xing", bringing you happiness through close contact with small animals and through games experience and celebrate the company’s birthday together in a relaxed and loving atmosphere.

all the friends of shanghai zhonghai wrote their birthday wishes to zhonghai, and recorded and shared their own stories about zhonghai.


zhonghai hongyang used the ceremony of racing 6.6 kilometers, without time limit and venue, real-time clocking in, leaving the common memory of zhonghai people.
business management in various regions organized a number of employee activities on the siqing theme. among them, shenyang commercial management combined with the june 1st node, held the "children’s heart·beginner heart" theme siqing day staff fun games, beijing commercial guan coincided with the 6th anniversary of its founding, and held a tea party for employees of siqing day to convey the leading force.

china state construction international
china state construction international friendship association and china state construction hong kong friendship association jointly held a limited edition refreshment delivery event for china shipping division day in the headquarters office building. among them, the special cookie noodles are spray-painted with edible pigments with the china shipping division day logo, and the back of the label is printed with the china shipping division day slogan "forge ahead with the tide".
the "fluorescent project" charity poverty alleviation activity initiated by henan company was held in zhanggou primary school in ruyang county. this "fluorescence project" has sent love to students and used practical actions to light up "micro-wishes" for poor students.

china state construction macau organized a field orienteering activity around the mountain in songshan park, macau. during the event, there was a sudden rainstorm. everyone was not afraid to complete the set task in the rain and successfully arrived at the lighthouse plaza.
zhejiang, shandong and other companies combined the key nodes of recent projects and sent blessings to zhonghai siqing by posting banners with the theme of siqing.

china overseas property
china overseas property group organized and carried out a series of theme activities such as employee activities, union activities, corporate culture, employee care, first-line customer service and online promotion, covering 30,000 employees the remaining employees and more than 5 million owners are celebrating the birthday of china shipping.

lead the youth, the tide moves the sea. the hearty and hearty 6.6-kilometer running activities made this celebration day full of meaning.

happiness is always with us, and we celebrate together. activities such as making rice dumplings, making dumplings, food competitions, and culinary competitions will bring encouragement and comfort to front-line employees, drive away fatigue, and bring warmth.

fanghua years, thank you for having you. with a group photo, a painting, and an event, i would like to send the 41st anniversary blessings to zhonghai.

zhonghai siqing, thank you for your feedback. 6.6 welfare shopping online and offline are simultaneously launched, bringing many benefits and good things to employees and customers.

every blessing is full of affection
every smiling face conveys power
we are together because of the same identity
we will start in the same direction
forge ahead wholeheartedly, lead the tide!