china overseas development successfully issued usd 1.5 billion dual-必一运动官网

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china overseas development successfully issued usd 1.5 billion dual-variety usd bonds

time: 2018-04-24 10:54:24  source: china overseas holdings limited

(hong kong, april 23, 2018) china overseas development co., ltd. ("the company" or "china overseas"; stock code: on april 19 japan successfully issued two types of five-year and ten-year bonds with the narrowest interest margin in the real estate industry, totaling us$1.5 billion in senior bonds. with the highest credit rating of china's real estate industry (moody's baa1/s&p bbb /fitch a-), stable financial control and continued steady development expectations in the next few years, china overseas has accurately grasped the window of opportunity in the capital market and quickly completed pricing within one day , despite the significant tightening of liquidity in the international capital market, congestion in the bond market, and fierce competition, more than 100 of the most well-known and top international investment institutions from hong kong, singapore, europe and other capital markets are still enthusiastically sought after, and the amount of intentional orders the peak is more than 3.6 billion u.s. dollars.

this bond issuance has further increased the company’s capital reserves, optimized the company’s borrowing costs and term structure, and laid a solid foundation of financial resources to ensure the company’s sustainable development .