cnooc group and its subsidiaries won the logo of "business show care" once again | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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cnooc group and its subsidiaries won the logo of "business show care" once again

time: 2020-03-06 11:20:05  source: china overseas holdings limited

china overseas group and its subsidiaries, china overseas development (, china overseas property group ( and china state construction and development ( were also awarded the "caring company logo" issued by the hong kong council of social service. to commend and commend china shipping group for its active role as a good corporate citizen and fulfilling its social responsibilities over the years.

this year, china overseas property group has been awarded the logo for 11 consecutive years, and the group’s china overseas development has been awarded this logo for 12 consecutive years, and has also been awarded the 10-year plus "caring company" logo; china overseas property group also won the award for the 4th year (previously participated in the name of china overseas property services co., ltd. and was commended for 11 consecutive years); and china state construction engineering received this logo for the 7th consecutive year and continued to be awarded the 5-year plus "caring company logo". all companies have reached the standards in the three categories of "caring for the community", "caring for employees" and "caring for the environment" in this review, and achieved remarkable results.

serving the society is the consistent corporate purpose of china overseas group. china overseas group has been actively participating in and promoting various social welfare undertakings, including donating funds to build 14 hope primary schools in the mainland, raising funds for inland snow disaster and earthquake victims, and actively participating in the community chest for millions; implementing environmental protection measures and green offices management; and is committed to organizing employee training, a number of interest activities and volunteer activities to enrich the work and life of employees and their families, reflecting the group's corporate care and social responsibility.

the "caring company" project is sponsored by the hong kong council of social service, funded by the government, and has been actively participated and widely recognized by the business community and the community. the purpose of the plan is to inspire corporate citizens of industrial and commercial organizations to participate, and to jointly build a caring community spirit through the cooperation of strategic partners in business, public institutions and social service circles.