the 2017 "china overseas" student art creation exchange program "our inclusive learning space" album launch conference was successfully held | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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the 2017 "china overseas" student art creation exchange program "our inclusive learning space" album launch conference was successfully held

time: 2017-09-15 18:05:42  source: china overseas holdings limited
co-organized by china overseas group and children's inclusive charity, sponsored by the china overseas caring foundation, and fully supported by china overseas association, "children’s dreams and thinking together"-2017 "china overseas x kindness" student art exchange program between the two places was successfully concluded. on september 15th, the "our inclusive learning space" album release conference and work exhibition was held in amoy plaza, kowloon bay.
school is an important place for children to absorb knowledge, learn to get along with others, and build self-confidence. however, children with different abilities and backgrounds such as poor grades, abilities, and ethnic minorities often faced with all kinds of prejudices, it is difficult to freely develop talents and interests, let alone have a happy campus life. this year, with the theme of "our inclusive learning space", this project allows children of different abilities and backgrounds in hong kong and the mainland to become inclusive campus designers through art workshops to create their ideal inclusive campus.
many art workshops were held in hong kong and many mainland cities from april to june this year, providing comprehensive services from 10 mainstream, special schools and special children in hong kong center, 11 china overseas hope primary schools in the mainland, zhonghai communities in 15 cities, 7 zhonghai office buildings and 4 zhonghai huanzi city commercial centers. nearly 1,500 children from the mainland and hong kong designed their dreams in the form of black and white paintings. classrooms and classrooms, and add all kinds of non-discriminatory and barrier-free elements to share their inclusive campus.
2017 "china overseas x kindness" student art exchange program of the two places also invited nearly 330 chinese overseas volunteers to participate. they lead students through games and discussions, encouraging students to create a preparation an inclusive campus with barrier-free facilities, full of laughter and caring. the children’s creative paintings have been edited and published as a coloring album "our inclusive learning space". the album is divided into three volumes, with the themes of "developing interests and talents", "learning with different people", and "happy campus life". the hong kong album release conference was held on september 15. zhou qinghu, supervisor of china overseas group and director of china overseas caring foundation, and friendly representatives, as well as art consultants of the project, representatives of teachers and students of participating schools, volunteers from china shipping, and external guests attended the press conference. the mainland press conference was successfully held in nanjing zhonghai huanyu city in august.

for the exciting highlights of this art creation exchange project, you can browse the official wechat account of china overseas group, or scan the qr code below to watch the short video about the project and download a set of three volumes of "our inclusive learning space" album.

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official wechat id: china shipping group project introduction video


"our inclusive learning space" coloring book (a set of three volumes)


the launching ceremony of the press conference

group photo

hong kong art workshop

domestic art workshop