cnooc property group co., ltd. announces annual results of 2019 | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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cnooc property group co., ltd. announces annual results of 2019

time: 2020-03-25 13:00:53  source: china overseas holdings limited

(hongkong, march 20, 2020) china shipping property group limited (hereinafter referred to as "zhonghai property" or "our company", stock code: today announced the unaudited year-round results of the company and its affiliated companies (collectively referred to as the "group") as at december 31, 2019.

by the end of december 31, 2019, the construction area we managed increased by 7.5% to 151 million 400 thousand square metres from 140 million 900 thousand square metres at the end of last year. the amount of new or renewed property management contracts received during the year was about hk $2751.5 million; in the year ended december 31, 2019, the overall revenue increased by 30.8% to hk $5 billion 465 million 500 thousand, compared with hk $4 billion 177 million 500 thousand last year (restated, see note). in 2019, gross profit increased by 28.2% to hk $1 billion 90 million 400 thousand compared to last year (2018: hk $850 million 300 thousand (restated)). the gross margin remained relatively stable at 20.0% (2018: 20.4% (restated)); during the year, the profit attributable to owners of the company increased by 33.4% to hk $537.8 million (2018: hk $403.2 million (restated)). basic and diluted earnings per share increased by 33.3% to hk $16.36 (2018: hk $12.27 (restated)). the average return on equity of shareholders in 2019 was 40.8% (2018: 40.6% (restated)). the board of directors proposes to pay a final dividend of hk $2.8 per share for the year ended 31 december 1919 (2008: hk $2.0 per share)

2019 is an important year for the group's strategic plan for 13th five-year. it is a year of "transcending self innovation and development". during the year, the group has always maintained its strategic focus and firmly implemented the business development logic of "quality is the foundation, scale is the branch, and efficiency is the fruit". based on basic property services, the group has four growth engines: community assets and service operation platform led by "youyou internet", engineering services led by "xinghai internet of things", asset management, investment and m & a, to achieve a full scene, sustainable and all-round service, to provide continuous power for the pursuit of shareholders, customers, employees and social satisfaction, and to take the road of comprehensive market-oriented development.

note: since the acquisition of a affiliated companies in 2019 and the impact of adopting the consolidated accounting law, the comparative data in 2018 have also been restated .