china overseas land & investment won the 2016 fastest opening award of the walmart group | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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china overseas land & investment won the 2016 fastest opening award of the walmart group

time: 2017-03-06 11:14:02  source: china overseas holdings limited
at the 2017 wal-mart group’s annual developer summit, china overseas land & investment won the wal-mart group 2016 award for its industry record of only 110 days from signing to the opening of the foshan huanyucheng wal-mart project under the commercial company’s wal-mart group. the fastest opening award of the year.
as the biggest main business format of shopping malls, supermarkets, from investment negotiation to design and construction, to acceptance and opening, it often takes 1 year or even longer. for wal-mart’s approval decision cycle this is especially true for longer multinational retailers. however, china overseas land & investment has broken this cycle with sincere and positive enthusiasm and professional and efficient collaboration capabilities and created an industry benchmark.
in march 2016, china overseas land and wal-mart group achieved a major breakthrough in the cooperation of the foshan huanyu city project. subsequently, with the vigorous efforts of commercial companies and the active cooperation of real estate companies and engineering companies, the various business lines coordinated and promoted together. finally, many breakthroughs were achieved in just four months, ensuring the opening of wal-mart supermarket and foshan huanyu city at the same time. on the opening day, the passenger flow and sales far exceeded wal-mart's expectations, laying a solid foundation for the grand blooming of foshan huanyu city.
this award is the result of the mutual cooperation, unity and cooperation between the commercial companies of china overseas land and the real estate companies and engineering companies. it is also the result of the cooperation between china overseas land and the merchants. a model of winning. not only represents the high recognition of the world's leading retailers for the ability of china overseas land to promote commercial projects, it also confirms china overseas land's increasingly mature commercial project coordination mechanism and strong overall development ability.
the cooperation between foshan huanyu city and wal-mart has also laid a solid foundation for the future strategic cooperation between the two parties. another cooperation project between china overseas land and wal-mart group, shenyang hepingzhimen sam's club, has now topped the main building, electrical and mechanical installation has entered the site, and all work is proceeding in an orderly manner. it is believed that with the rapid development and growth of china overseas commercial real estate, more world-class enterprises will cooperate with china overseas commercial real estate. china overseas commercial real estate will also gain more recognition in the industry by virtue of its professionalism and dedication, and continue to enhance its status in the industry.
china overseas land commercial development co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of china overseas land development co., ltd. (china overseas land development co., ltd.), a leading real estate company in china, with commercial projects in hong kong, beijing, shanghai, nearly 20 economically active cities such as shenzhen, nanjing, shenyang, chengdu, hangzhou, tianjin, jinan, zhuhai, xi’an, chongqing, suzhou, wuhan, foshan, fuzhou, taiyuan, etc., and its subsidiaries cover the "china overseas" grade a office buildings and shopping in huanyu city the three major product series of central and star-rated hotels include nearly 6.5 million square meters of investment properties in commercial projects that have been completed and under construction, of which 2 million square meters of commercial real estate have been put into operation. most of the projects will be in the next 1 -2 years after completion and commissioning.
at the "2016 china real estate enterprise brand value evaluation results conference and real estate brand development summit forum", china overseas land & investment has topped the ranking of china's real estate brand value for 6 consecutive years. at the same time, china overseas commercial was ranked among the top three in the "china real estate enterprise brand value commercial real estate" rankings and won the "explore flower" award.
since the first zhonghai huanyu city was launched in jinan in september 2012, the shopping malls and block businesses of zhonghai real estate have formed "huwanyu city", "hunyyuhui", and "huanyufang". "three brand systems. among them, the huanyu city shopping center has been deployed in jinan, nanjing, foshan and changsha at a steady rate of one city a year, and the boutique commercial "huayuhui" will also appear in key cities such as beijing and chengdu.