"china overseas" "our inclusive play space" book launch conference (mainland) was successfully held | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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"china overseas" "our inclusive play space" book launch conference (mainland) was successfully held

time: 2016-12-12 12:13:16  source: china overseas holdings limited

12month10, "our inclusive play space" book the press conference and work exhibition (mainland china) were successfully held in zhonghai huanyu city, foshan, marking "children’s dreams. same thinking"— 2016 "china overseas x kindly" the student art exchange program between the two places was successfully concluded.

following the book launch event held in hong kong on 10 on 21, the event moved to the mainland for the first time. the newly opened foshan huanyucheng shopping center held a childlike and unique press conference and work exhibition. the small proprietors from foshan zhonghai community ignited the audience with lively and enthusiastic dance; the guests opened the props and books that symbolized "community" to push the atmosphere to a climax. in the sharing session, a tianhua child from the wenhua xi'an community in foshan, china, said that she and other children co-created a fairy tale castle this time; she who liked art creation since she was a child, not only learned a lot of knowledge about literature and art, but also what is unforgettable is the learning of teamwork. “whenever there is a disagreement in the team, we can always achieve unity through communication.” china shipping volunteer colleagues huang jianchang and luo jingjing said that the event has been held in foshan zhonghai community for four consecutive years. they really feel the children’s infinite creativity and imagination, as well as their continuous growth; while mr. ouyang jiayu, the “kind” director of the hong kong charity, called on all walks of life to respect children’s play rights and needs, and allow people of different abilities to participate in the play. the space allows children from different regions, with different abilities, backgrounds and races to play together without barriers.

in 2016
, the "china overseas" student art creation exchange program between the two places will run from 4 to 6 monthly in hong kong 10 mainstream and special schools, mainland 11 china overseas hope primary schools, 3 zhonghai huanyu city and hundreds of zhonghai communities were held. the event edited and published the book "our inclusive play space", which was successively published in the hong kong commercial press (11 month 21 day) and foshan zhonghai huanyucheng (12month 10 day) held a book release conference. relevant leaders and personnel from china overseas group headquarters, china overseas land, china overseas property, foshan universal city and hong kong ngo, as well as representatives of owners’ families in foshan zhonghai community, and representatives of china overseas volunteers , external media, etc. attended the press conference of foshan huanyu city.

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