china overseas group issued its csr report for the sixth consecutive year | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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china overseas group issued its csr report for the sixth consecutive year

time: 2016-08-12 10:33:09  source: china overseas holdings limited

on august 12, 2016, china overseas group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "china overseas group" or "group") released the corporate social responsibility report 2015 of china overseas group (hereinafter referred to as "report") for the sixth consecutive year, reporting the concept, practice and achievements of corporate social responsibility of the previous year to all stakeholders, and hope to lead the sustainable development of the industry.

the group has been actively promoting and implementing the corporate mission of cscec's creed "expanding happiness space", integrating social responsibility into business operation, balancing the expectations of all stakeholders, and creating harmonious and win-win social and economic values. this year's report, with the theme of "expanding happiness space", presents the group's progress in expanding various "spaces" in 2015 to stakeholders, and shares the sustainable development challenges, coping methods, management policies and future prospects.

this year, the group continues to adopt the core plan of global reporting initiative's sustainable development reporting guide 4.0 (g4) as the report preparation guide, covering the key issues that stakeholders pay attention to overseas groups in china, including economy, environment, workplace, community, product responsibility and legal compliance.

in addition, china overseas group has compiled the h5 report summary this year to facilitate readers to access the key information of the group's corporate social responsibility work in 2015 on their mobile phones. welcome to scan the following qr code to view the csr report of the group immediately:
summary of 2015 csr report

in the future, china overseas group will continue to adhere to the vision of "building a century old evergreen foundation" and "be cautious and conscientious"   we should continue to take into account the expectations of all stakeholders, build a harmonious and inclusive society, and steadily march towards the road of excellence and everlasting foundation.
the full text of the report can be found on the group website (< a > 0 < / a >) download and read. thank you for your support, love and attention to the csr work of china overseas group!