yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, met with guo yonghang, secretary of zhuhai municipal party committee | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, met with guo yonghang, secretary of zhuhai municipal party committee

time: 2020-08-05 18:32:27  source: china overseas holdings limited

on the afternoon of august 4, yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, called on guo yonghang, secretary of zhuhai municipal party committee. the two sides had in-depth exchanges on issues such as cnooc group's further investment in zhuhai. wu shi, member of the standing committee and secretary general of zhuhai municipal party committee, liu jiawen, vice mayor of zhuhai municipal government, and zhang zhichao, ceo of china shipping development, attended the talks.

yan jianguo expressed his gratitude to zhuhai municipal party committee and municipal government for their long-term trust and support to cnooc group, and introduced cnooc group's entrepreneurial history, industrial layout, business performance and its industry in zhuhai, which took root in hong kong and macao. he said: with the introduction of the planning outline of guangdong, hong kong and macao great bay district, zhuhai has ushered in a historic development opportunity. cnooc group is willing to give full play to the responsibility and development strength of central enterprises, further increase investment in urban construction and renewal, industrial investment and other aspects, and fully participate in the economic, cultural and social construction of zhuhai.

guo yonghang welcomed yan and his party and expressed his gratitude to cnooc for its contribution to zhuhai's economic and social development and urban construction. guo yonghang said: zhuhai, adjacent to hong kong and macao, is an important node city in guangdong, hong kong and macao bay area. it has great potential for urban development, many opportunities and sufficient expansion space. he hoped that cnooc would seize the great opportunity of the construction of the bay area, actively integrate into the overall pattern of high-quality development of zhuhai, and deepen the cooperation between the two sides in the comprehensive development of cities by enriching the connotation and expanding the space of cooperation cooperation in infrastructure construction and other fields will promote the two sides to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results in a wider field and at a higher level.

zhang zhichao introduced the relevant situation of cnooc real estate in zhuhai, and said that cnooc hopes to participate in the comprehensive development of the demonstration new town area in jinwan district and establish more extensive cooperation with zhuhai city. the two sides also conducted in-depth communication and exchange on issues such as the development of relevant projects.

relevant departments and bureaus of zhuhai city, main leaders of jinwan district party committee and high tech zone party committee, and relevant leaders of cnooc development and zhuhai company attended the talks.