zheng xue, general manager of cscec, selected shenzhen museum of contemporary art and urban planning | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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zheng xue, general manager of cscec, selected shenzhen museum of contemporary art and urban planning

time: 2020-09-10 12:22:51  source: china overseas holdings limited

on september 8, zheng xuexuan, general manager of china construction group, visited the shenzhen museum of contemporary art and urban planning (two museums) during his work in shenzhen. yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, and zhang zhichao, ceo of cnooc development, accompanied the investigation.

at the just opened shenzhen urban planning exhibition, zheng xuexuan and his party had an in-depth understanding of the development process of shenzhen urban planning and looked forward to the grand blueprint of pengcheng in the future; in the exhibition "spring tide rises from the pearl river - the 40th anniversary exhibition of guangdong's reform and opening up", we will have a detailed understanding of the magnificent course and brilliant achievements of guangdong's reform and opening up in the past 40 years, and feel the fighting spirit of the older generation of revolutionaries who dare to be the first and bravely stand at the forefront of the tide when they are in charge of southern guangdong. before showing the old photos of the development process of guangdong and shenzhen, zheng xuexuan reviewed the hard process of cnooc's coming from hong kong and expanding the shenzhen market, and listened to the construction process of "two museums" reported by cnooc on the spot. he pointed out that the construction of "two museums" is a model of the cooperation between cnooc real estate and shenzhen municipal government, which highlights the excellent tradition of the standing position of central enterprises and the success of cnooc.

"two museums" is one of the 60 landmark major construction projects in shenzhen's 12th five year plan, and also an innovative masterpiece of shenzhen municipal government and cnooc real estate. it is built by cnooc in an integrated mode of investment, construction and operation. it has become a famous cultural infrastructure project and urban landmark building in pengcheng, and won the luban award of china construction engineering in 2017.
relevant persons in charge of the office, investment department, infrastructure department of cscec, the fourth bureau of cscec, cscec science and engineering co., ltd., comprehensive management department of cnooc development and cnooc commerce participated in the research activities.