yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, went to china shipping property group for investigation | 中國海外集團-必一运动官网

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yan jianguo, chairman of china shipping group, went to china shipping property group for investigation

time: 2021-02-24 09:37:04  source: china overseas holdings limited

on february 20, yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc group, and his party went to the headquarters of cnooc property group to investigate, listen to the work report of cnooc property, and discuss with you. zhang guiqing, director of cnooc group and chairman of the board of directors of cnooc property group, presided over the meeting.

first of all, yan jianguo expressed his gratitude to the staff of cnooc property for their persistence in their posts and achievements in epidemic prevention during the spring festival, and extended his holiday wishes to you. he put forward three requirements: first, strengthen the construction of corporate governance ability and promote high-quality development we should further optimize the corporate governance system, solidly promote the epidemic prevention and control, serve the major national strategy, and take three-year actions to reform state-owned enterprises< the second is to strengthen the construction of talent team and build a first-class team with entrepreneurship and professional manager quality it is necessary to improve the sense of responsibility and mission, set an example, take responsibility, learn and innovate, and work hard to achieve good results with strong self drive and sense of mission< the third is to take the initiative to seize the opportunity and accelerate the implementation of the "14th five year plan" strategy it is necessary to deeply grasp the macro situation and industry trend, and achieve the goal of leading the tide and striving to catch up strategically; correctly handle the three relationships of "property and real estate", "basic business and value-added services", "internal and external expansion" to create greater value; steadily promote the construction of the five in one system of strategy, organization, talent, mechanism and culture, and realize the matching of organization, resources and strategy.

at the meeting, zhang guiqing reported on the construction of cnooc property talent team and the work of the 14th five year plan, and said that cnooc property will, in accordance with the work deployment of cnooc group and the instructions and requirements of mr. yan, solidly promote all kinds of work, continuously improve the quality of work, and ensure a good start of the 14th five year plan. members of the leading group of china shipping property group made exchange speeches in combination with their respective responsibilities.
relevant persons in charge of cnooc group office, enterprise planning and investment department and human resources department participated in the research activities.