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china shipping group: practice new development concept and promote high-quality development

time: 2021-04-01 12:39:48  source: china overseas holdings limited

on march 31, cnooc held a special meeting on "implementing the new development concept and promoting high-quality development" -- comprehensively promoting the "six special actions", implementing the requirements of the launching meeting of the "six special actions" of cscec and the special action of deepening inspection and rectification, further unifying thinking, raising awareness, clarifying tasks and deploying work. yan jianguo, chairman of cnooc, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

the meeting stressed that we should further strengthen the drive of scientific and technological innovation, promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of basic management, promote digital transformation, build a strong line of defense for security development, and achieve a high-quality start of the company's "14th five year plan" from the perspective of new development stage, new development concept, and new development pattern.
since 2020, cnooc group has adhered to the "six special actions" as an important starting point for high-quality development, actively practiced the new development concept, made up for the shortcomings, forged the long board, fostered the opportunities, and opened up a new situation, and achieved good results. its main business indicators have gone against the trend, with the newly signed contract value of 463.7 billion yuan, operating revenue of 246.5 billion yuan, and total profit of 56.5 billion yuan, achieving double-digit growth, set a new record and achieve a perfect ending of the 13th five year plan.
establish and improve the digital management and control platform for the whole process of real estate development, including more than 70 information systems, covering the whole process of investment and land acquisition, planning and design, engineering construction, project operation management, sales promotion and customer service, realize the online operation of operation data of each node in the whole process, realize the quantifiable, assessable, rewarding and punishing of various indicators, and constantly refine the management granularity, strengthen the control of terminal combat units with digital management, and keep the industry leading in per capita efficiency. self developed "youyoujia app" smart life platform, covering four sectors of basic property services, community co construction, smart community and neighborhood economy, has provided 600000 families and more than 1 million owners with smart life supported by science and technology, and customer satisfaction ranks among the forefront of the industry.

< strong > accelerate the construction of science and technology investment ecosystem
we should seize the opportunity of the rapid progress of science and technology to promote the rapid iteration of the upstream and downstream industrial chain of construction real estate, give full play to the advantages of large-scale application of new technologies and new products, expand the upstream and downstream investment, and cultivate the second growth curve. invest and set up lingchao supply chain management company, strengthen the cost advantage of centralized purchasing, and build an industry-leading comprehensive service platform for building materials trading. haizhichuang technology co., ltd. was established, and a number of high-tech enterprises were united to focus on the r & d and application of products and technologies in smart space and smart community. in terms of intelligent application of residential space, we are at the forefront of the industry, taking the lead in launching the world's first 5g smart community, and jointly developing a smart home system based on plc technology with huawei hisilicon, breaking the monopoly in this field. give full play to the advantages of residential and commercial property resources, set up charging pile company, and promote new energy technology research and development, construction and operation.

shanghai zhonghai zhenrufu
< strong > practice the concept of coordinated development
cnooc group adheres to the strategic system thinking, gives full play to its traditional advantages, and achieves coordinated and sustainable development. taking the real estate business as an example, 90% of the resources should be used for residential development and 10% for growth business and innovation business, so as to build a long-term sustainable development business structure based on today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, and steadily promote the transformation and upgrading. among them, residential development is the cornerstone of the continuous growth of scale and profit, which belongs to today's business. in 2020, the sales share of mainstream cities will continue to increase. the contract sales of the first tier cities, beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen and hong kong, will reach 112.6 billion yuan. a total of 6 projects will enter the top 15 of national single plate sales, and the market share of 18 cities will rank in the top three of local.

cnooc real estate's nine plates advance to top 50 of national single plate sales in 2020
commercial real estate mainly includes office buildings, shopping centers, star hotels, etc. it belongs to tomorrow's business. at present, it holds and manages 49 office building projects, 16 shopping center projects and 12 star hotels. it is the largest single ownership office building development operator in mainland china, and the leasing area of the world's top 500 enterprises accounts for more than 25%.

innovative business includes education, pension, logistics, etc., which belongs to the acquired business. it has high-quality pre-school education brand "keshi kindergarten", whole family age community education space "zhonghai school", suneng camp education "zhonghai outdoor camp" and a number of high-quality k12 schools. it has established zhonghai jinnian pension brand, covering the community of continuing care for the elderly, the community of continuing care for the elderly, the community of continuing care for the elderly, the community of continuing care for the elderly four types of urban quality elderly apartments, community day care centers, and home-based elderly service platforms are designed to create an extremely professional elderly care service system and lead a healthy lifestyle.

< strong > practice green development < / strong > < strong > concept
cnooc group adheres to the guidance of green development and civilized development, pays attention to integrating green elements into the whole industrial chain of project design, development, construction, operation and service, and speeds up the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprises. since 2020, 64 new green building certification projects have been added, with a certified building area of 10.95 million square meters, and 16 green certification items have been obtained, including platinum pre certification of american well building standard and "healthy building evaluation logo" of chinese architectural society standard (group standard). in order to promote the development of green finance, two phases of cmbs have been successfully issued in china. the first phase is the first green cmbs with the largest issuing scale in china. it has won the green certification and the "frontier award" annual best cmbs award of the fifth china real estate securitization cooperation and development summit.

< strong > < strong > practice the concept of open development
china shipping group adheres to the principle of "complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win", strives to form a mutually beneficial cooperation pattern of deep integration and build a broad community of interests. in terms of commercial office building, the service customers include disney, nasdaq, google, toyota, volkswagen, bmw and other world-famous enterprises, and more than 250 fortune 500 enterprises have settled in; the shopping center contains four sub brands: huanyucheng, huanyuhui, huanyufang and fuhuali, with hundreds of powerful alliance business resources; in terms of star hotels, we have established a good strategic partnership with marriott and accor, and the operation capacity has been continuously improved.

< strong > practice the concept of shared development
in 2020, we will help win the epidemic prevention war and resume work and production. we will implement rent reduction agreements for our commercial properties, with an amount of about 125 million yuan, benefiting 1300 cooperative businesses. in kangle county, kangxian county and zhuoni county of gansu province, which are designated by china construction group as poverty alleviation counties, a number of targeted poverty alleviation actions, such as industrial poverty alleviation, education poverty alleviation, and building "haihui wanjia" brand of agricultural products, have been promoted to help poor counties get rid of poverty successfully. china overseas development was awarded the "value real estate enterprise citizen 2020" and "outstanding social responsibility enterprise 2020", and was selected into the "hang seng sustainable development enterprise index" for 11 consecutive years.

the curtain of the "14th five year plan" has been opened. cnooc will give full play to its own advantages and take the lead in deepening reform and innovation, promoting business collaborative development, realizing digital and refined management, etc., so as to promote the high-quality start of the "14th five year plan" with determined strength and continue to provide solid support for the overall performance growth of cscec, to achieve the group's strategic goal of "creating a strong five", we continue to strive.